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Western Canada’s Premier Real Estate Capital Advisory Firm

Aultrust Financial is a prime commercial lender, financial intermediary, and real estate capital advisory firm in Vancouver, British Columbia. By performing both lending and capital advisory services, Aultrust leverages its relationships to provide quick and effective capital solutions by offering end-to-end financial services to its clients in the real estate sector.

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Complete Real Estate Capital Structure Solutions.

We are here to create the highest value for your financing needs.


Structured Finance

We combine commercial lending with different sources of capital to provide the most efficient cost of capital structure for your project.


Fund Management

Our actively managed Real Estate funds offer effective hedge, consistent income, and upside potential based on local experience and industry knowledge.


Capital Advisory

We assist throughout the entire process of the deal, including sourcing investment opportunities, bringing qualified local operations, and raising the complete capital needed.


Debt Capital

Aultrust advises on designing optimal debt structures for real estate projects ranging from residential construction to retail, commercial, industrial, office, and alternative classes.

Equity Capital

Our close relationship with equity investors and our deep up-to-date market knowledge, make us a strong source of equity funding for your projects.

Commercial Lending

Aultrust funds qualified income-generating properties with prime commercial mortgages.

Recent Transactions


Qualified Commercial loans

In 2019 Aultrust has exceeded $200 million in prime lending with LTV of up to 75% and amortization of 30 years.


Structured Financing

Six projects have been fully structured by the Aultrust management team, accounting for $40 million in equity and $60 million in debt financing.


Portfolio Management

Aultrust currently manages multiple real estate development projects with a total project portfolio value of $130 million.

We provide our utmost transparency and efficiency in all real estate capital transactions. A good investment is backed up by in-depth research and market intelligence.