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Direct Investment

At Aultrust, we provide direct investment opportunities tailored to specific sectors and projects, allowing investors to engage directly with their chosen markets. Whether it’s investing in targeted real estate developments, participating in the expansion of our educational childcare solutions in select locations, or supporting advancements in our fintech endeavors, Aultrust offers focused investment avenues.

Our direct investment approach enables investors to bypass the complexities and limitations of broader market conditions, such as inflation risks and low interest rates that erode cash purchasing power. By investing directly in tangible projects like real estate or specific initiatives within our tech and educational sectors, investors can achieve more substantial returns and impact. Each investment opportunity is underpinned by Aultrust’s solid experience and deep local industry knowledge, ensuring not only income potential but also strategic growth in line with our overarching commitment to sustainability and community development.

How does it work?

At Aultrust, investors seeking higher returns and willing to accept a calculated increase in risk can transition from cash into one of our tailored investment opportunities. Whether it’s our Real Estate funds or direct investments in tech and educational projects, we offer a balanced combination of income and growth potential. Investment allocations are customized to each investor’s specific risk tolerance and return preferences, managed by our expert team utilizing deep market insights and local intelligence to optimize investment outcomes.

All investors must meet the qualifications set forth by the accredited and/or eligible investor definition as determined by the regulatory body governing each jurisdiction. This ensures that all participants are appropriately matched to the investment opportunities we offer, maintaining integrity and alignment with investor capabilities and goals.

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The material on this website is presented only to provide information and is not intended for trading purposes. Closed-end funds, unlike open-end funds, are not continuously offered. After the initial offering, shares are sold on the private market. Closed-end funds may be leveraged and carry various risks depending upon the underlying assets owned by a fund. Investment policies, management fees and other matters of interest to prospective investors may be found in each closed-end fund report. For additional information, please contact your investment professional.
Shares of closed-end funds frequently trade at a discount to their net asset value, which may increase risk of loss. The risk may be greater for investors expecting to sell their shares in a relatively short period after completion of the fund’s initial offering.
As with any security, the price of the fund’s common units will fluctuate with market conditions and other factors. Shares of closed-end management investment companies frequently trade at a price that is less than (a “discount”) or more than (a “premium”) from their net asset value. If the fund’s shares trade at a premium to net asset value, there is no assurance that any such premium will be sustained for any period of time and will not decrease, or that the shares will not trade at a discount to net asset value thereafter. Additionally, the fund’s distribution rate may be affected by numerous factors, including changes in realized and projected market returns, fund performance, and other factors. There can be no assurance that a change in market conditions or other factors will not result in a change in the fund distribution rate at a future time.
Total net asset value (NAV) return measures the change in NAV per unit over the period indicated. Total market value return is computed based upon the Fund’s underlying assets valuations and excludes the effects of brokerage commissions.