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About Us

Aultrust Financial is a prime commercial lender, financial intermediary, and real estate capital advisory firm in Vancouver, British Columbia. By performing both lending and capital advisory services, Aultrust leverages its relationships to provide quick and effective real estate capital solutions.

Aultrust provides commercial financing to a wide range of property types including office, retail, industrial, and multifamily. A client’s underwriting criteria and objectives are invariably matched with the most innovative and competitive capital in the market. From presentation materials to capital markets introduction, and to ultimately funding the transaction, Aultrust proactively manages your financing needs at every step.

In addition to lending, Aultrust’s capital advisory team creates high value for clients through unparalleled advisory services, tailored financial structures, and successful placement programs that produce optimal and efficient transactions. The firm’s access to domestic and international capital sources including family offices, high net worth individuals and private equity funds make it a reliable source for project equity financing and for allocating capital to profitable real estate transactions.

Aultrust: Trusted partner in your next real estate investment.

Whether you are a domestic or foreign investor, institutional or high-net worth investor, a family office, or an established real estate income trust or pension fund, Aultrust can assist your team to identify, assess, and invest in right-sized, well-researched and risk-weighted opportunities across a wide variety of real estate asset classes.

Aultrust’s long-standing relationship with property owners, financial institutions, real estate advisors, and investment sales brokers, enables it to identify off-market real estate opportunities from $1M-$100M+ that are not accessible to institutional financing entities.

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Recent Transactions


Qualified Commercial loans

In 2019 Aultrust has exceeded $200 million in prime lending with LTV of up to 75% and amortization of 30 years.


Structured Financing

Six projects have been fully structured by the Aultrust management team, accounting for $40 million in equity and $60 million in debt financing.


Portfolio Management

Aultrust currently manages multiple real estate development projects with a total project portfolio value of $130 million.