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Aultrust Performance Land Fund

Aultrust takes a different view of land financing through over 100 years of presence in the development industry sitting around a table and deep-rooted industry connections, our team, enjoys a vast body of development knowledge to prudently underwrite, examine risk, assess value and quickly identify ideal opportunities that meet the fund’s investment criteria. Altera Performance Land Fund invests in strategic development, brownfield, greenfield, or assembly land opportunities and carefully underwrites each opportunity from a developer‘s point of view.

Fund Strategy

Aultrust recognizes a serious and growing gap in the market is the availability of capital for land transactions by mid-size developers. Prime land financing by the banks is extremely limited and only offered to the largest of players in town. Private financing for land remains exclusive domain of only a handful of large institutional lenders who are generally constrained by portfolio allocation limits to land. Altera Performance Land Fund seeks to invest in select land development project carefully chosen by its expert panel of land developers. Altera Performance Land Fund leverages the experience of its board to underwrite and finance only select parcels of development land that can be acquired if required.

Performance Target:
8% Net
3 months’ notice, after 3-year lock-up period

Units of the fund may be purchased directly through Aultrust Financial, please contact Investor Services at: 

T: 604.336.9021


Must meet eligibility criteria.

Aultrust Performance Land Fund is managed by Aultrust Financial.

With understanding of emerging trends in Canada and Europe, allowing it to recognize opportunities and generate value for investors. Aultrust provides investors with Real Estate strategies that are not only borne out of deep expertise and market knowledge but are also efficiently designed with both domestic and international investors in mind. Combined finance and real estate experience provides a platform for exposure to Vancouver’s Real Estate market that is flexible and offers optimal returns on a risk-adjusted basis.

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